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Bed Sheets With Internet Marketing

I am your friend, internet user, and I am a friend of the internet. I defend, promote, and advocate for the Mozilla Manifesto not only to sustain my animated cat gif addiction but because for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years of human existence, we have a way to communicate, organize, and work together in a decentralized way. That is going to change things for the better, but this does not happen for free. The


internet does not automagically defend itself; SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA have taught us that.  Those our our animated cat gifs, and nobody is going to take them if I can help it.

There is a lot of power at stake, and it is right now in your hands, internet user. I’m here to help make more makers on the internet, because as this generation learns technology, what they actually gain is not just a bullet point on a resume, but also the power to change their world. Our world.

Lets do that together internet friend.

Best Bed Sheets – My Own Guide

Bed sheets storage can be a headache especially when dealing with several sheets sets for multiple beds. It is difficult to keep all of them organized even with a linen closet in the house thus storing your bed sheets will be a bigger headache without one. Even before you start shopping for good storage accessories, it is important to access the amount of sheets you have then you will be ready to consider the storage options that will keep your sheets organized and neat. Sort your bed sheets so that you only have the ones you need to make the storage process less hectic. It is more convenient to store sheets where they are used in this case the bedroom.


How Fast are Mozilla Foundation production apps?

Using (a really useful tool and available to run on your own server), I generated a little app competition for a few of our Mozilla Foundation production apps. Over the last few days, I’ve thrown a bunch of charts at you newly available from NewRelic. We’ve been adding more and more apps with this capability, so here is some more fun data. First,   As my boss has noted, though, app server performance is not the same thing as user experience or browser performance. Though we recently added monitoring of AWS resources in New Relic [...]

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Mofo Foundation Metrics Presentation

Today, Ross Bruniges(@rossbruniges, fellow Mozillian) and I gave a presentation to our fellow Mozilla Foundation engineers about metrics and how to get the data for a data driven operation. The purpose of our presentation was not to dictate or announce how we would do metrics, but to really begin a process and conversation. Integrating metrics into your organization can be done in a painfully large number of ways, so part of the challenge we have and you may have is that there are so many options.  I think the trick here is to pick something, start small, lay out a basic [...]

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Game Days – Coming Soon to a Webmaker Near You

This week, I attended a couple great conferences and talked with some of the brightest minds this side of the world in DevOps at both Velocity Conference in Santa Clara followed by DevOps days. Game Days – Coming Soon to a Webmaker Near You A few of my friends were in those conferences giving talks, and one that stood out to me was one I lived through. Dylan Richard, our boss as Director of Engineering at Obama for America 2012, gave a talk about building resilience in applications, infrastructure, and teams. This talk is precisely a subject we’ve talked about a [...]

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LGBT and Our New CEO at Mozilla

Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich Comes Under Attack from Mozilla Employees On March 24th,2014, Brandon Eich was appointed Mozilla CEO and rightfully so as he had previously held the position of CTO from the 90s when Mozilla was formed out of Netscape.He was also one of the founders alongside Mitchell Baker. However, his period in office was short-lived serving as CEO for only 11 days, as he was forced to step down after facing massive opposition from the Mozilla and the LGBT tech communities. In 2012 it was uncovered that the then Mozilla CTO had made a $1000 donation to [...]

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